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2023 Cultivate Creativity Planner PRE-SALE!

A Done-For-You Digital Planner Kit Using Creativity To Help You Find More Calm In The Chaos of Daily Life.

The 2023 Cultivate Creativity Planner makes it possible to infuse practical living with your aspirational creative goals.

NOTE: This is a pre-sale and we expect to have the planner ready in 4-6 weeks (no later than Christmas - December 25, 2022).

Once it's ready your planner will arrive via email as a digital download that can be used digitally on a tablet or it can be printed and used as a physical planner.

Here's what you get for $30

Quarterly creative planning pages for mapping out a specific project focus.

Monthly pages pre-filled with both major holidays and fun holidays you can celebrate throughout the year!

Weekly pages with simple, actionable, consistent photography, journaling, and doodling prompts

Daily pages for mapping out your intentions, appointments, and creative schedule.

Ongoing encouragement and support in our private community group

Print It! bonus with tips for turning your digital planner into a physical one.

Special BONUSES if you purchase during the November pre-sale!

Digital vision board maker toolkit with video instructions for creating a vision board using CANVA and easily cast a creative vision for the year with out making a mess of magazines, paper, and glue.

4 audio “recharge” guided meditations for finding a moment of calm in the midst of the crazy days.

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Special Upgrade Offer!

Make the most of your planner with a non-judgmental system for starting fresh when everything goes off the rails



Your planner upgrade includes: 


Present Not Perfect Video Workshop: Video workshop (which can be spread over multiple days) designed as a way to recharge and re-engage with your creative goals when you are overwhelmed or uninspired. 

Present Not Perfect Pages: Paired with your workshop these pages are your reminder to let go of perfection and stay present with what matters most to you here and now.

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